Strenghtening Community Resilience For Mitigating Challenges Posed By COVID-19 Pandemic.


With the COVID 19 crisis gathering pace at unprecedented levels in India, marginalized communities like transgender, women in sex work, men who have sex with men, migrants, people who use drugs, truckers, people living with HIV, TB patients are threatened much more than the others. Perhaps even more alarming is the potential knock-on impact on prevention and treatment of HIV and TB. Antiretroviral therapy and TB medications are of critical importance at this juncture. People living with HIV are immunocompromised, and people with TB may have pre-existing respiratory dysfunction.

Alliance India is working with communities in this critical times to ensure they have right access to information related to prevention of coronavirus and is also working with the government, program officers, civil society to develop more comprehensive response to mitigate the effects by addressing the immediate needs of community at large; be it related to access to ART medication – through advocating for multimonth dispensation of antiretroviral drugs or working with Ministry of Social Justice for economically supporting the transgender communities: many of whom are dependent on begging for livelihood. Through our flagship ‘Vihaan’ program, we are championing the cause of 95-95-95 in these challenging times by ensuring ART adherence and retention in care. We salute our 1574 strong outreach workers most of whom are from PLHIV communities. They are our frontline workers, coronavirus warriors acting as a ray of hope to 14 lakh registered ART patients. In close collaboration with ART Centres and State AIDS Control Societies across India, they are supplying ART medication at homes or community places for those who need it.

We are leveraging our experience in community action and working closely with the government at national and state level in our COVID-19 response. Alliance India is proud to be a community-centric organisation.

What we are doing

  • We are promoting preventive measures among our project staff and communities, through IEC like – frequent hand WASH with soap and water, social distancing and avoiding mass gathering.
  • Distributing soaps, sanitizers, masks etc to our health workers to protect themselves while supporting ART centres in medicine delivery.
  • Promoting access to life-saving antiretroviral medications and other healthcare services through home delivery, community HIV centres and volunteers in addition to our existing outreach workers.
  • Counselling & mental health support to high-risk HIV population during these crisis times.
  • Ensuring ART, PrEP and OST adherence through telephonic calls and messaging as part of our VIHAAN, HR Asia and SABAL project.
  • Create a pool of resources for urgent needs such as health, nutrition, essential supplies and livelihood needs of children and adults living with HIV.
  • Social media campaigns through community champions to break the chain of transmission.

With constant outreach in these times we are building resilient communities so that we can effectively battle out corona pandemic in India.

Documents available for download:
Make the Lockdown Most Effective COVID-19.pdf (99 downloads) Protect Others COVID-19.pdf (94 downloads)