Second Annual Leadership Awards

Celebrating emerging leadership and saluting the established

Commemorating World AIDS Day, 2017

Every year, World AIDS Day is held on the 1st December and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who lost their battle to AIDS. India HIV/AIDS Alliance in the same spirit observes this day for a constructive dialogue between the Government, people living with HIV, communities most affected by HIV and other Civil Society Organisations that are working on the issue.

The theme of World AIDS Day 2017 is “Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability and Partnerships”.

India has made some remarkable progress in addressing the epidemic in the country. Not only has India been able to substantially reduce the incidence of HIV but has been successful in taking care of those who are affected – dramatically decreasing the morbidity and mortality due to it. This outstanding result has been due to the relentless work done by many stakeholders under the leadership of NACO, Government of India that includes but not limited to people living with or affected by HIV, vulnerable communities, civil society, academic institutions and international bodies.

While our progress against the epidemic is substantial, we still have a long way to go and to keep the momentum going, it is important that the commitment of leaders are revitalised and emerging leadership is supported so that the gains are not lost – but rather strengthened in our national response.

India HIV/AIDS Alliance would like take this opportunity to recognise and award change-makers and leaders whose pioneering work has contributed and enabled the robust HIV response specifically in the last one year of the National AIDS Control Programme Phase IV (NACP IV).

Who is eligible?

Individuals or an organisations/company/institution who or which represent Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM), Transgender Hijra (TGH), Sex Workers (SW), People Who Use Drugs (PWUDs), People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and young population communities across the HIV programmes in India. In particular, individuals/organisations that have contributed substantially and worked relentlessly against the HIV epidemic in India.

Category I: Leadership: Individual level (6 awards)

Applicant should be from the following communities – MSM, TGH, SW, PWUDs, PLHIV and youth (from any of the above community)

• Engaged in working with communities for last one year from young people, key population and PLHIV communities.
• Demonstrated his/her work for the community and provided guidance, clarity, coordination and technical expertise to enrich the national response to the HIV epidemic in the country.
• Undertook advocacy that exceeded expectations for the HIV affected communities.
• Played a lead role in strengthening the community at state or national level in raising awareness related to HIV and is generally recognised as a leader in this field.
• Participated in stakeholder groups dedicated to advancing rights of key populations and PLHIV communities.
• Championed the HIV advocacy, programe implementation, strategy for enhanced engagement of communities in within his/her organisation/ network.
• Has had a concrete achievement to share.

Category II: Impact: Organisation (1 award)

• Applicant should be an organisation led by communities with all board members representing MSM, TGH, SW, PWID and young people or PLHIV communities.
• Should be engaged in working with key populations and PLHIV communities for last one year for CBOs (community based organisation or community led networks)
• By organisation’s advocacy, networking, innovation and implementation efforts established clear impact on HIV affected communities in the last one year
• The organisation’s work has been documented and clearly established with regards to attribution and contribution to the impact
• There is a concrete measurable outcome that the organisation can claim and prove.

How do you apply?

Individuals and organisations from the above mentioned communities can apply directly by completing an application form in English or Hindi. The form can be downloaded from the link below, filled and submitted by email at by 19th November 2017, 5.30 pm India Time.

Can one be nominated?

No, one cannot nominate others, applications are accepted only from individuals or organisations.

Selection of the Awardee

‘Leadership Award Selection Committee’ has been constituted comprising representatives from multi stakeholders including supporters and partners. The committee will be responsible for screening the call for nominations and recommend recipient for the award.

What is the timeline?

The committee will provide their recommendations to the India HIV/AIDS Alliance by November 24th 2017. The award nominations will be notified following the recommendations and will be invited to Delhi for an exciting day where the awards will be handed over to the winners. The award will be presented during the Award ceremony on 30th November 2017 in New Delhi. The name of the award recipient will be kept confidential until the award is presented.

Please download the application form in Hindi and English from the below link:

Application Form English
Application Form Hindi

For any queries on the application form please contact below members:

Harjyot Khosa at 9971197077
Pemu Bhutia at 9971357825
Lijin Idicula at 9958636937